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Shell Fossile
Super Green
The size is φ0.5-1.0mm. It can absorb and deodorize H2S and NH3 accordingly It can improve the water condition and fix pH 8 around. Put 100-500g of Super Green into 1ton of water as a standard. It can also absorb the dirt in water and sink with it so you can save time cleaning the bottom of tanks. It also improves soil and clean up sludge. You can use it as a filter by stuff each 5kgs of Super Green in 4 nets and hang them in water. Shake it once or twice a day, and it will improve water condition and supply the nutritive substance to fishes

Revital Green
The size is 5μ(MAX)and mainly used for culturing larval fishes. Dissolve in water, and put 10-30g/ton into water once a week mixed with Fish Green. Thanks to the natural mineral ingredients promote the growth and enrich the immunity efficiently. You may be surprised at seeing the water color become muddy.

Fish Green
The size is 70μ around. This fossil is used mixed with larval or adult fishes. As a standard 0.5-1.5% of larval feeds and 0.8-3.0% of adult feeds should be mixed. This fossil is porous and ionized so it can be easily mixed without any adhesives