Fresh Chlorella-V12
<Patent Number 1729518>
Fresh Chlorella-V12 contains enormous amounts of vitamin B12, a vital nutrientfor Rotifer, in its chlorella cells (patent number 1729518); sorted to asize of 3-6 microns. Produced to dissolve easily when added to Rotifer tanks.

Some Characteristics of Fresh Chlorella-V12
1、 Contains organically-condensed vitamin B12, a vital element for growthof Rotifer. Steady cultivation of Rotifer can be achieved using this product.
2、 One 20-liter package is equivalent to 55 tons of Nannochloropsis. Lessfood is required so that water temperature varies little; less time forfeeding is assured.
3、 A steady supply throughout the year is guaranteed. Facilities for Nannochloropsisare not necessary.
4、 Can be preserved for 20 days maximum at temperatures under 5 degreesCelsius.
5、 Can be also used for fry tank water (put 30ml/t).
6、 High density cultivation of Rotifer (4,000 population/ml) is possibleusing Fresh Chlorella-V12.

Photomicrograph of Rotifer

An example of usage
Getting started: Put 3 liters of "Fresh Chlorella-V12" per 10tons of water for Rotifer type S, density of 100 population/ml. Keep watertemperature at about 24 degrees.
Day 2 Feed twice a day, once in the morning; once again in the evening.Rotifer increase approximately 150-160 population/ml. Make adjustments afterchecking for food remaining in the tank.
Day 3 Feed Fresh Chlorella V-12 twice a day, once in the morning, thenonce again in the evening. Rotifer increase approximately 230-240 population/ml.Make adjustments how much you feed after checking the remaining food inthe tank.
Day 4 Rotifer increase approximately 300-320 population/ml. You need toeither yield them or separate them into two different tanks

A massive increase of Rotifer occurs when the temperatureis high or the season comes. Please control the increase by adjusting thequantity of the product.

About high density cultivation, please refer tothe section "Rotifer waku-waku".
Product Specification
Dry net weight ... More than 135 g/l
Amount of vitamin B12 reinforcement... More than 320 micro g/l
Quantity...10 liters,20 liters
Diameter...3-6 micron

[Dry Ingredients per 100g]
General Ingredients
Protein... 55.0g
Oil... 10.2g
Fiber... 5.8g
Sugar... 23.2g
Ashes... 5.8g
Chlorophyll... 2.6g
Carotene... 68mg
Xanthophyll... 91mg
Mineral calcium... 82mg
Magnesium... 276mg
Iron... 27mg
Potassium... 1,160mg
Phosphorus... 1,440mg
Vitamin E... 14.1mg
Vitamin B1... 1.1mg
Vitamin B2... 6.5mg
Vitamin B6... 0.9mg
Vitamin C... 83.9mg
Chorine... 248mg
Vitamin B12... 603µg
Fatty Acid Constitution
Palmitoleic acid... 20.9%
Pantothenic acid... 0.9%
Stearic acid... 2.1%
Oleic acid... 2.2%
Linoleic acid... 28.6%
Linolenic acid... 15.7%
Other fatty acid... 29.6%
Oil Constitution(Against fat)
Glycolipid... 37.0%
Phspholipid... 26.0%
Neutrallipid... 30.0%

Store product in temperature below 5 degrees (Celsius).
Use product within 20 days from the date of manufacture.
Discontinue use if discoloration or foul odor occurs; please contact PTCimmediately.
For other inquiries, please contact Chlorella Kogyo Co. Ltd. DevelopmentDept.

Product is delivered by "Cool Takkyubin (ChilledDelivery System)" except to some locations. Delivery within two daysfrom the date of order is assured.

For further enquiries in EMEA please contact

Pacific Trading Aquaculture Ltd
Tel : +353 40 44 55 55
Fax : +353 40 44 55 56

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Fresh Chlorella-V12  


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