Fingerling Production in Japan Interim Report Sep. 2003 - Dec. 2003
Reported by Aqua Culture Network

1. Red Sea Bream
SALES:Approx 50 million Larval Fishes (To fish farmers)
17hathceries are producing Larval Fishes as usual.
PRICE:The worst situation in the past. Some Larval Fishes were sold at even lower than JPY500.-/kg (Bay price). The price which had decreased last year hasn’t been recovered yet.

2. Puffer
SALES:Approx 0.4million larval fishes(To fish farmers) were shipped by 3 hatcheries by the end of last year. The production of land farmed Fishes has been increasing due to formalin problem, and more demands for early product can be expected
PRICE: JPY105-110.-/fish (6cm up size, Sold by last November)
JPY100-105.-/fish (Sold this year)
-The decrease of fish survival rate in sea cage has been getting more serious, and accordingly the demand for Middle size fishes has been getting more. The price of Middle size Fish shipped last November was JPY550-660.-/fish (250-300g size). Not only Adult Fishes but Chinese Origin Middle size Fishes have been imported more. Their price is nearly half of Domestic Fishes and Japanese hatcheries are very anxious about this situation.

3. Flatfish
SALES:Approx 2.5 million larval fishes were sold last year(Sep.-Dec.)
-After the beginning of last September 19 hatcheries had started culturing and 14 hatcheries could ship Larval Fishes by the end of this year. Compared with the sales of approx 10million fishes (23 million through the year) in 1993 and 1994, the sales this season decreased to 1/4. Especially the culture situation has been changing drastically for these two years.
PRICE: JPY11-12.-/cm (7cm up size, Bay price, -Dec.)
JPY10.-/cm (Dec.-)
Supposing that the market size this year is the same as last year (9.5 million), 7million of further sales can be expected, but actually both demand and supply are lower this amount.
Deformity and Albinism problems have been occurring as usual, but the damage of disease by Virus and so on is less compared with last year.

4. Striped Jack
Now many hatcheries are interested in culturing larval Striped Jack due to its short supply, and each hatchery started culturing Striped Jack and all the hatcheries have been culturing the fishes steadily without any problems such as VNN disease.