・Larval fish Production started
Some hatcheries started to produce larval fishes, and some hatcheries mainly in Nagasaki, Kumamoto, and Miyazaki started to produce larval Red Sea Bream and Flatfish in September. It seems that the hatcheries are culturing larval fishes steadily now although not all hatcheries start as the water temperature is still high.

・Red Sea Bream Eggs
The suppliers in Wakayama and Kumamoto are shipping Red Sea Bream eggs. Their fishes are laying eggs steadily, so there seems to a strong demand for culturing red sea breams following this spring

・Flatfish Eggs
The suppliers in Hiroshima have been shipping Flatfish eggs, but there seems to be a problem regarding growth with some hatched fishes. In September the supplier in Kagoshima started shipping eggs earlier than last year. The evaluation for eggs shipped from this supplier was very high, and their eggs were fully booked as soon as they started shipping.