Recent years have seen a worldwide penetration of Information Technology, a big transition of Economical Structure and Global Standardization of Economy. Under these changing circumstances around the beginning of the 21 st century, each of companies is looking for a new frame of its own " raison d' etre " to survive the new era.

The economy in the previous century, which had a strong pattern of " Volume Production " and " Volume Consumption " , resulted in too much consumption of and damage to the limited resources. Especially, the shortage of food is a tremendously serious problem in the world so that the Shortage must be defined as worldwide serious problem to be solved.

We, Pacific Trading Co.,Ltd., have analyzed the above-mentioned business circumstances in a longer span and with broader perspectives. We also have developed business opportunities to explore agricultural & marine resources, and developed such related trading businesses targeting worldwide markets.

We mainly import and export fertilizers & materials used for fry production and aquaculture. Japan enjoys its worldwide top technology for aquacultural fishery. This business manages fry production and nourishment. Through this business, we deal with young fish in a very important period of growing. The fry production and nourishment business is the important base to marine resources or " aquaculture " .

Our goal is to accomplish " Worldwide Innovation in Aquaculture " . Under this goal, we make our best efforts to innovate our products and services on daily basis. For example, we have established a beautiful and worldwide network to collect updated data and information from all over the world in order to meet varying demands from our customers. Besides, we are very proud of our unrivaled frank corporate atmosphere to discuss and develop our business.

Now, taking into account a worldwide movement, we notice that fish-eating culture has been getting increasing attention for health-maintaining purpose in European Countries and that an investment on aquacultural business has been increasing as the result. Worldwide attention is shifting from Information Technology to "Aquaculture" now.

Our " raison d' etre " or " mission " is that we help to match seeds with needs in order to popularize Japanese worldwide top technology in fry production in other countries, and that we make the drying marine resources all over the world richer again for the coming generation.

Profile of Mr. Masahiro Asada

Born in Fukuoka city, Fukuoka Pref. in 1954. Finished the faculty of law at Fukuoka Univ. and worked for a trading company in Fukuoka. Established Pacific Trading Co.,Ltd. in April of 1990 and assumed the position of CEO.